Computer Repair

We fix all kinds of Desktop and Laptop Computers. It is human nature, people keep downloading different kinds of applications on their computer and over the years, it slows down computer. Some time downloading and installation of software can go wrong and starts giving error messages on the screen. Some people uninstall that and understand, it is completely removed from the hard drive but in reality problem is still sitting somewhere in windows registery. Especially when user is not downloading but all of a sudden, download start by itself and computer becomes extremely slow.

These are the symptoms that something is draging windows on the hard drive. Now it is time to fix this computer.

First thing one can do, restart the computer and scan the hard drive with good anti virus software. If that fixes computer, good. If not then technician can edit windows registery and remove maximum possible unnecessary items sitting in there. If wort goes to worst, the best thing is, recover data like folders on Desktop, My Document folder, Pictures, Music and Accounting Folder, Favorites etc, etc.

Then delete all partitions on hard drive, create new partition, then format hard drive and start all over and fix every thing step by step. Once computer is fixed, we download all possible Microsoft Security Upgrades. Especially Microsoft Edge which works really fast when you surf on the internet.

At the end we asked customers what kind of Anti Virus software they use. Any software they like to use, we install for them like Norton Anti Virus, AVG etc.

We scan all data with good anti virus software before transferring back to customer’s computer.